Platelet-rich plasma, known as PRP, is a cosmetic procedure in which your own platelet-rich plasma is injected into your skin which helps fight the signs of aging while naturally rejuvenating your skin. If you’re wondering whether this treatment is right for you, here are some of the benefits it presents:

● It is a great treatment for anyone who suffers from acne. This treatment will improve your overall skin texture as well as its tone. It stimulates collagen production which allows for the thickening and tightening of thinning skin, resulting in the reduced look of wrinkles and fine lines and provides a total rejuvenation.

● This treatment targets difficult areas like under the eyes where the skin is very sensitive and delicate. Other treatments have a hard time treating such areas, however, PRP is known to target the hard-to-reach areas that clients desperately want to treat. If you’ve noticed signs of aging in delicate areas, PRP is a great treatment option because it is one of the few treatments available that does not leave sensitive areas out.

● There are no foreign products associated with this treatment. It uses your own natural elements by drawing out a small sample of blood which is then used to separate the plasma from the other blood particles. The platelet-rich plasma is then reinjected back into the desired area to stimulate collagen. With this treatment, there is no need to worry about unfamiliar products that are going to be used on your skin, which means you can eliminate the fear of the unknown.

● PRP is very safe. Everyone wants peace of mind when it comes to the treatment they are having done and because it makes use of your own natural elements, it is completely safe, and you have no reason to worry. It’s also a treatment that has been evolving since the 70s and not something new that can present unwanted surprises.

● The results of a PRP treatment last! While it can take a few weeks for the results to be apparent, it will last anywhere from 12 to 18 months once three treatment sessions have been completed. This sure beats getting a treatment done every other month!

If you’re ready for younger and brighter-looking skin, PRP could be the treatment for you! Chellsey Medi Spa can provide you with more details if this is a treatment you are considering, so give them a call today and start loving the skin you’re in!