Both Botox and fillers can reduce signs of ageing and are very popular cosmetic treatment options you can consider. If you’re wondering which treatment is best, you have to consider their differences, as this information will allow you to make an informed decision regarding the right option for your skin.

Botox will temporarily weaken or paralyze your muscles and is ideal for those who want to eliminate frown lines, crow’s feet, and lines between their eyebrows. Botox will also help with wrinkles, which is why it is so popular, and it can be used for other purposes as well. Injections in the armpits, for example, can help with excess sweating, while injections in the jaw muscle can help prevent teeth grinding caused by TMJ. Fillers, on the other hand, will fill creases and folds and will also replenish lost volume, and this product can also be used to contour the face.

In terms of effectiveness, this will depend on what you’re after, and Botox can be used as a preventative measure, so you can start with this treatment before you even notice any deep-set wrinkles. Patients in their twenties will often turn to Botox to prevent wrinkles from forming. Fillers are usually injected under the eyes, in the cheeks, and jawline, so you have to consider your area of concern, as this will lead you in the right direction. Generally speaking, Botox is better for lines of expression, while fillers will be more effective for lines at rest. Crease points where muscles contract will require Botox, while deep lines that are present when your facial muscles are not contracting will require fillers.

Regardless of which treatment you choose, it’s a must that you consider the risks and side effects. Botox’s possible side effects are bruises on the injection site, drooping eyelids, headaches, and eye irritation. There are more risks and side effects associated with fillers, so it is a must that only a licensed medical professional provide you with these injections. Allergic reactions, bruising, itching, numbness, scarring, infections, and redness are some of the side effects of fillers, and long-term swelling of the face may occur in severe cases.

Both treatments are quick, and the costs vary from one provider to another, so you have to discuss these details before agreeing to the treatment. Dermal fillers may provide you with more long-term results; however, these injections are known to carry more side effects when compared to Botox, so you have to weigh your options in this regard. You also have to keep in mind that each of these treatments do treat slightly different problems and is used in different areas of the face, so you have to know what you’re after and the type of results you’re hoping to achieve.

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