Before getting any procedure done, you should always do your research first. That way you have an idea of how it will go and reasonable expectations. Here are some facts about laser hair removal to see if it is right for you:

1. The process is a bit painful, but it is not that bad. Laser hair removal works by shooting lasers through the pigment of your hair. The light from the laser converts to heat, which damages hair follicles. It results in a quick, sharp pain that is worse on areas with thin skin like the chin.

2. It can take two to three weeks to see the effects of your first treatment and eight to 12 treatments for full results.

3. You should be consistent with your laser hair removal appointments since your hair follicles are all at different growth stages. Coming in regularly means each hair follicle has a better chance of getting zapped.

4. The laser can cause irritation if it is used on the hair above the skin’s surface. That is why you should always shave the area you want to be lasered in before your appointment.

5. It is a fast process with little downtime. A medium-sized area typically takes around 20 minutes, and you can get up right after to carry on with your day.

6. You can not go to the gym after. Sweat and hot environments, in general, create an environment in which bacteria thrive in. The heat from the laser stays in your skin for up to 24 hours so avoid taking a hot shower, going to the gym, or sauna for a day.

7. You have to avoid the sun before and after your treatments as much as possible. Try to book appointments around times that you know you will be in the sun a lot.

8. Avoid using glycolic acid, scrubs, and creams with retinol 48 hours before or after your treatment. You may also need to use more moisturizer on the area as it can get drier from the procedure. For a two-week period before and after laser, avoid chemical peels and tanning.

9. Laser hair removal helps reduce the number of ingrown hairs you get since it stops hair growth at the root.

10. You cannot dye, wax, or pluck hairs you want the laser to remove since it uses hair pigment to work.

11. It can work on all skin tones as long as the hair is dark enough. Laser hair removal works best for people with fair skin and dark hair since they have the greatest difference in the pigmentation of their skin and hair.

12. After your initial treatment plan of eight to 12 treatments is complete, you may need to go back for top-up treatments. Most people see about a 90% reduction in hair growth, but changes in hormones can cause hair to grow back again.

If you are ready to experience the benefits of laser hair removal, book an appointment with Chellsey Medi Spa. Our experienced technicians will ensure you receive the highest quality of care.