If liposuction is something you are interested in. It is very important that you understand all the details surrounding the procedure so that you know exactly what to expect. Knowing all the facts will help you determine whether this surgery is a suitable option for you.

The procedure will help eliminate unwanted fat through a vacuum that will essentially suck excess fat from underneath the skin. The instruments used for the surgery can shape and contour the patient’s body. A lot of people turn to liposuction whenever they cannot get rid of stubborn fat, even with exercise and a healthy diet. The procedure can be done almost anywhere on the body but the belly, thighs, buttocks, and hips. It is the most common area because cellulite and fat are generally present here despite a proper diet and workout routine.

Liposuction Surgery Procedure

You must consult your family doctor before jumping into the liposuction procedure to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. Liposuction is not for everyone and your doctor will be able to tell you whether you should proceed with the surgery based on your current medical condition and any complications that can occur as a result. Your surgeon will confirm that you have no serious injuries or illnesses and may also ask you to lose weight because the surgery will only be effective if you are within a certain percentage of your ideal weight. Liposuction is meant to help reduce fat and is not a substitute for diet or exercise. You need to be in fairly good shape so that the results of the surgery are visible.

Once you confirm that you are a suitable candidate, you can go ahead and schedule your surgery date. If an incision or anesthesia is required, you will need someone to drive you home. When you wake up from the surgery, you will see that the treated area is wrapped tightly, as this helps reduce any swelling and will minimize your pain. Any swelling you experience can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and most patients will have to see their surgeon a few times after the procedure, so they can check on the progress and ensure they are healing properly.

The recovery aspect is fairly quick and most patients can resume their daily routine after only a few days. You may not see results right away, so be patient and wait until your swelling is under control. Pain medication may be prescribed and over-the-counter pain reducers are generally effective, too. Scars may be visible at first, but they will fade over time, so do not stress over this aspect.

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